Lake Grace Museums | Lake Grace Visitor Centre
Lake Grace Museums | Lake Grace Visitor Centre
Lake Grace Museums | Lake Grace Visitor Centre


A strong thread of history connects the Shire of Lake Grace from the very early days of exploration, surveying and the traversing of explorers and miners. There is a weath of history in the Shire to be explored where towns and railways sprung up in service of the early pioneers. In Australia each town has it’s own unique museum dipicting the early days.

Call in to the lake Grace Visitor Centre to make a booking to see the AIM and get contact numbers for the Hainsworth Museum.

Lake Grace Museums | Lake Grace Visitor Centre

Early Settler Museums in the Shire

Australian Inland Mission Hospital Museum

One of three remaining Australian Inland Mission Hospitals, and the only one in WA, this museum will take you back to some old style medical wards and artefacts. Walk through the old style wards, duty room, kitchen and laundry to expereince the atmosphere of an early twentieth century rural hospital.

OPEN by appointment, call into the Lake Grace Visitor Centre for more information or use the phone located on the front verandah.

Newdegate Hainsworth Museum

Lake Grace Museums | Lake Grace Visitor Centre

The building was commission by Charles Hainsworth, the first owner and was build by Ted Freeland, originally a ships carpenterr, in 1931/2 as a general store and tea room. The building is now heritage listed and had many functions over the years including a boarding house for railway workers and travellers. Now beautifully restored as a general store, come into the museum to see a fine collection of photographs, historical objects and musical instruments from times of early settlement.

OPEN on most Thursdays between 12 – 4pm

CLOSED in January, July and August

Open by appointment 0409 606 207

Location: Corner of Mitchell and Collier Streets, Newdegate

Varley Museum

Exhibits from the 1920s and also a tourist information point is found in the Varly Store, the town has a comphrehensive museum with displays of memorabilia and town records.

Hatters Hill, Rabbit Cemetary

Contact the Varley Store on 08 9875 1200

Lake King Bush Engineers Museum

Lake Grace Museums | Lake Grace Visitor Centre

A display of local farm tractors that have been modified to suit the farm & conditions.

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