Natural Attractions Lake Grace | Lake Grace Visitor Centre
Natural Attractions Lake Grace | Lake Grace Visitor Centre
Natural Attractions Lake Grace | Lake Grace Visitor Centre

Natural Attractions

With larger than average nature reserves, the shire has many picnic spots and walk trails in the bushland heaths of native eucalypts, grevillea and banksia. Granite Rock outcrops are found in abundance thoughout the area and form a reliable water catchment. Sit in a quiet spot and take in some bird watching, photography, wildflower discovery or marvel at our colourful salt lakes – the most notable feature of our shire. There are many natural shallow salt lakes rimmed by samphire and tall paperbark shrubs and range in colour from crystal white to shades of pink, green, tan and mauve. Please check out our Brochures page for maps of the region.

Natural Attractions Lake Grace | Lake Grace Visitor Centre

Salt Lakes

Lake Grace, Lake Bryde,Lake Biddy, Lake King

Geologically the Wheatbelt is an ancient stable area with a very low drainage profile. The rain that falls is very slow to drain away and is held in large shallow depressions.This leads to lots of evaporation and and the formation of lakes of salt. Unless the rainfall is very heavy over a number of seasons many of the salt lakes are dry for most of the year. Even in their dry state they offer stunning scenary and great photo opportunities.

Photo by Present Moment Photography

Natural Attractions Lake Grace | Lake Grace Visitor Centre

Granite Outcrops

Dragon Rock, Dingo Rock, DIckman Rock, Namma Rock.

Granite Outcrops are either inselbergs (isolated  rock hills and knobs) or monoliths, (a single massive stone hill or rock). Erosion usually exposes these geological formations, which are often made out of very hard and solid metamorphic or igeous rock made from granite. Rising abruptly from the gently sloping or level surrounding plain they dominate the bushland.

Natural Attractions Lake Grace | Lake Grace Visitor Centre


The wildflower season is one of the Eastern Wheatbelts most precious natural treasures attracting visitors, wildflower groups and scientists annually. To appreciate these remarkable displays there are many nature reserves with walk trails within the shire. Although some varieties start in July the season is typically from late August through to late October.

Photo by GPM Photographics

Natural Attractions Lake Grace | Lake Grace Visitor Centre

White Dam

The Lake Grace White Dam is of significance to the history of the Shire as one of the first sources of fresh water in the region.

Many wildflowers can be found in abundance around the area and there is a nature based walk trail through the original Bennett’s track used by early settlers to explore.

Natural Attractions Lake Grace | Lake Grace Visitor Centre


Our night skies and stargazing in Western Australia

Western Australia is home to some of the darkest night skies in the world and is the envy of stargazers in many other parts of the world including Europe, America and Asia.

In some brightly lit cities, it’s impossible to see one star, let alone the billions and trillions that we can see from our backyard in WA.

The first advantage WA has is that Perth is the most isolated capital city in the world which means it’s very easy to escape the bright city lights to experience wonderful dark night skies full of stars.

When you’re visiting the Shire of Lake Grace, there are many great places to go to gaze at the beautiful night sky.

The second great advantage WA has is that we’re located in the Southern Hemisphere. Here, you have the best views of the Milky Way Galaxy. From the Southern Hemisphere you can see the quintessential Southern Cross, the Magellanic Clouds (which are satellite galaxies to our own Milky Way Galaxy) and the beautiful Aboriginal constellation of the “Emu in the Sky”.

On a moonless night, the stunning Milky Way Galaxy stretches across the night sky in all its glory. It’s something that everyone on Earth should experience more often.

When you head out to do some stargazing, remember to turn out all your lights. Artificial light destroys your ability to see the stars! The darker the night sky, the more stars you’ll be able to see. Talk to our team at the Lake Grace Visitor Centre about our amazing night skies.

Photo by Present Moment Photography

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